zondag 26 oktober 2008

Feel like a goldcrest myself

Never thought it was possible for me to catch these little active birds. I was waiting in my forest-hide to photograph some great and coal tit. Last year I rigged up a hide in a forest nearby and made a litlle studio in front of it. Suddenly I heard the characteritic chirping of a few goldcrest arriving. Luckily they stayed just before the hide foraging. I felt like a goldcrest myself when I came home and saw a few sharp pictures, even though I had a shutter of a maximum of 1/60.
Goldcrest; Canon 30D w. 500mm; f5.6 1/60 iso640 -2/3 from tripod

maandag 6 oktober 2008

At last...

You all know the scene; driving in your car and every few miles you see a buzzard on a fence post. In your mind you got the most wonderfull pictures, but you did not take your photo-equipment with you. And every time you took it with you, no buzzard will cooperate by posing for some time. Even so much so, the buzzard flies away before your come even close. At all events, this is my experience with this bird of prey. Untill last sunday. When I was driving in the polder, I saw this buzzard and when I came close he just stayed on his place.

That was the opportunity to photograph a buzzard, in which I didn't succeed in the two year of my photographing carreer. At last...

Buzzard; Canon 30D 500m w.1.4 extender; f6.3 1/500 iso640; from car window

woensdag 1 oktober 2008

Grasduinen Natuuragenda

Grasduinen is a prominent magazine specialized in nature and all his aspects. For me it's a great honour to get published in the "Grasduinen natuuragenda 2009" after I took part in the Grasduinen-contest of 2008. The photo of a short-eared owl with a stringent glance was not one of the finalists, but nevertheless I was very happy with the nomination.
The agenda contains 63 fantastic photos of professionals, amateurs and young photographers. The best 14 photos are displayed in kasteel Groeneveld in Baarn until 14 januari 2009.