zaterdag 17 januari 2009

A pleasant "deja vu"

To spot a short-eared owl and photograph it, is one of the ultimate wishes of a wildlifephotographer in the Netherlands, especially those who are interested in birds. So I was really surprised last week, when my daughter noticed a buzzard while we were driving home from a family visit. That same morning I photographed the rare lesser "siberian" whitethroat, so I left my photogear in my car. What a luck, because the "buzzard" was a short-eared owl. And the most bizarre part of it is, that it is the third year in order I met this beautifull bird of prey.

Short-eared owl; Canon 30D w. 500m + 1.4 extender; Av5.6 Tv1/50 iso320 -1/3