zaterdag 25 april 2009

Last of the mohicans

In a small nature reserve called Sallandse Heuvelrug a few Black grouses still survive.
They carry the original genetic material of the so called "lowland korhoen". Maybe 20 birds still be left.
For me I found it almost an ethical obligation to record the black grouse in his natural habitat, before it's to late. I examined the possibility of photographing this bird and after some research I found out a courtship place (bolderplaats).

On an early morning in March I situated myself in the area of the courtship place using a camonet.
And my patience was rewarded, because after some time a Black grouse inspected his place.

Black grouse; Canon 30D w. 500mm + 1.4 extender; Av5.6 Tv1/200 iso800